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Ok folks Im finaly back :)
Sorry for the vanishing act :) Stuff needed to be done :)

No I did not marry, tho I have a ring now
I didnt get to see the beer chugging burros
No wierd tats on me
And nicole hasnt said a word ;)

So see ya around got alot to work and not enough time
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Well so I dont forget and people dont think I fell off the face of the earth, was abducted by aliens or went on a honeymoon.... I will let y'all know Im off for a small vacation

Ill be dissapearing for a couple weeks :)

I'll be as always between here and there, and Ill be gone between now and then :)

No I wont make a surprise appearance at MFF :P

I shall see y'all when Im back :) Remember to donate to carpet sharks!
And should you need me, email dogzrbarkn @ however I dunno about how often Ill be able to connect. But if not upon my return all emails will be replied :)

If I should not see ya before I leave, Miss ya!
And have a wonderfull thanksgiving!!!!
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Hello all,

I know everyone is preocupide with the election and all. And I know some might be sick of me plugging for help to others.

I kid you not when I say these sweet folks do need the help, they rescue the ferrets everyone just abandons and they try and give them the best of care. In this care of course comes the surgery for adrenal glands and then in some other cases insulinoma and such. These wonderfull folk depend on donations and such.

Here is a paypal button. You can donate any amount you wish, every cent is appretiated since vet bills are quite extensive, and the surgeries are life saving.

For every donation send me the reciept. You will get the "texan ferret" PNG file in high res as a thanks on my behalf. Please forward this reciept to dogzrbarkn @ Do give me a few days to reply, but every donation will get one.

Thanks so much for your time
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Hey y'all
Well time again to set records straight ;)
So trick or treat

- My marriage with Nicole next month is pure speculation, we haven't set a date yet
- Angelina and I are not having a fling, the whole kid import and blood issue... just no
- Liv and I are not seeing each other, we are just friends, the pictures were doctored
- Rumors of my harem are greatly exaggerated, please disregard... the number is well under 20
- The whole orgy with Ricky and Sorina is FALSE! Its not an orgy people, orgy me and 5 or more... Poofy was.... no comment.
- There is no Paris Hilton tape available, however a DVD will be released on please go reserve a copy it will be a limited edition. Those who send it in can get an autograph
- The bitch that's having my puppies would like to go on record saying she is the spotted one with the ribbon not the pumps, please correct this
- My sighting with Elvis... well he doesn't wanna go public please respect this
- I was NOT abducted by aliens this is FALSE!!! They actually invited me for lunch.

Thanks again!

For those who take this seriously, lighten up and enjoy life! Its a joke!!!!
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WOOOO! Well overdue update
Slowly computer is behaving, ram arrived and as soon as I make sure everything else is stable Ill be back again :D

I hope y'all have a wonderfull weekend :D

A small note, if you need to contact me please email, info gets garbled from one person to the next so just send me an email, I will get it, it might be a bit while I respond due to a flood of emails I gotta sort throught but be sure it will get a reply
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Belated Happy Bday to: KUDDLEPUP!!!!

and happy bday to Startlight!

Ive been away dealing with alot, and more comp probs HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

See y'all when I can!


Sep. 26th, 2004 06:29 pm
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Well family is gone and I had an absolute blast! They are wonderfull people and I finaly feel I have found home again :) This is very important to me :)

A small passing in the fuzzy family happened when I had to put one of my ferrets down, the whole situation hasnt sunk in.

Anywho, emails will really be the only way to get in touch with me this week, I am going to fully be working on the calendar. It will be whenever I can to reply them, this will probably be whenever I finish the calendars.

On people who have made requests and I have been foolish enough to accept. Please remember request = free time, I have alot going on which I do not make public. Abuse of this is getting me to a point where I am about to just dump all requests and thats it. Be nice to your artist. I usualy never accept requests and recent events with SEVRAL folk have reminded me why I had never done so. Please folk dont make me regret this again, I like being a nice guy and making folk smile.

Thanks again folk!
Miss y'all!


Sep. 22nd, 2004 04:30 am
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For those who wonder where I am
I have family in town and I am spending quality time with them. Ill be away till sat!
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Ok after 210 and a bit of cussing hardware up, I am technically back :D!

I say technically because well... I will have guests and wont be online much if any at all during the days they are here.
I thank everyone who helped and supported me!
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WHOOO! from other computer at this point mostly to thank those who have supported me

I should have a motherboard sometime soon hopefully!
HUGS to all!
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This is Poofy writing for Puppy. Puppy is slightly out of comission for the next week or so due to a motherboard failure. He will be back as soon as payments arrive and a new motherboard is purchased.

Thrashwolf: Email Poofy your mailing addy
Lineas Raccoon: Please check your email

Donations for Calendar #3: paypal at: dogzrbarkn with no spaces.

PLEASE make sure to note character name, month, and small description. Donations start at $5 per character. If you wish to donate more, much appreciated.

Current Calendar List as of Sept. 15th 8A.M. avaliable at:

Sorry about the disappearance, but the motherboard finally gave out :~(

Hopefully see you Sept 27th if payments come on time.
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Ok folks, y'all have convinced me.
A 3rd calendar will open up. Cover is up, and list is starting.

Now folks, Im on Eisner hrs here working on the calendars, so I beg you please read the Calendar Page to check lists, emails, instructions. Including the paypal addy for those who wanna donate.

Please note, the first 2 calendars are assigned and set. I will not be changing characters around anymore, I am sorry, I just have set ideas now.

Thanks so much again!
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Ok I am working on em, I can say the images are being worked in large size.
Now, I am constantly approached by folks which for some reason (being that we just met, they didnt see it, they had personal probs, etc) did not make it on these.

There are currently 108 characters (110 if you count dogz and jackalope) between both calendars. Now this is quite a load and tho I would love to make everyone happy and keep adding, at this point for these 2 its insane.

I will open one option tho, and it is NOTHING CONCRETE this is fully tentative!!!! And if I DO this it will be in a month, I have other pending projects, however making folk smile is always on there.

I MIGHT, stress on might, open a 3rd calendar. HOWEVER it has to fill up at one character per month at least. And well make sure your character is not in the other 2 Calendar List

Now if you want your extra characters in this 3rd calendar, please donate the 5 bucks, mostly because its a ton of work :P

So far new folk who want on the calendar:
Jan - Brophey
Feb -
March -
April - Sabotlours, BrunBear
May - Raverfox, Slyphox
June - Kitler1213
July -
Aug - OzKangaroo
Sept -
Oct - Frisket17, Geolu
Nov -
Dec - Butterscotch

So thats it so far, sign up here if you want. Remember this is still tentative, depends on the turnout and life.
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WOOOO at long last cafe press has announced the new 2005 calendars
So I am on this!!!!
It will probably be end of month but they shall be done :D
For those of you who donated, thanks!!!!!! and Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for your patience!

For those wanting to see who's on the calendar, please check: Calendar List

The entries are closed, this is the actual way in which they will be split up.
Thanks again!
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Well probably because Im caught up with life...
But Frank Thomas, one of the 2 last 9 old men passed

On another page a funny story about him and Ollie:

"I'm on the top left, and my friend Tom Bisogno (animator on "Tron", "Ice Age", and more) is on the top right.

A quick story from the meeting:

As we were getting ready to leave, I asked them to sign my "Illusion of Life" book and "Nine Old Men" book.

Ollie signed first. His hands shook quite a bit, and he said "sorry for the shaky hand writing".

There was an awkward quiet moment, and then he said "But Frank had his walker before I got mine!"

Frank then took the book to sign, and said "Oh yeah? Well, at least I can still draw!" and he drew a Mickey Mouse head with a little voice bubble that reads "Smile!".

I'm so glad I have that experience now.
He'll be missed for sure."

THis is a big hit to the 2d animation world... he will be missed


Sep. 5th, 2004 11:52 pm
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Dogz, your breed of dog at work is a Border Collie

You don't give up and that's your key to success. Though people might not always expect it from you since you're so sociable in the office, you've got success on the brain and won't stop short 'til you get there
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Well things are on and off :)

So after talking with Sorina, and having a total blast *love yena! Miss coon!!!!!!!* I sketched up this

Shaman Yena

Yena is all into authentic shamanism as you can see!!!! I mean you cant get more legit right? She has even read through "Shamans For Dummies". And she has her mythical backscratcher of power! Please do ignore the price tags.
Ph33r the shaman!!!!!!!


P.S. Before I get flamed this is an inside joke. I have SEVRAL shaman friends who laughed at this as well.


Sep. 5th, 2004 04:11 am
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Ok folks
Well Im on a small hiatus, Ive been mostly off the machine recolecting myself :)
Nothing bad just giving myself some space to enjoy life and my surroundings a tad away from the machine which seems to have passed its PMS so now its sweet. However troubleshooting among some other stuff has made me realize outside and off machine = good :)

So I havent abandoned anyone just a small break. Yes these past months have been constantly with me leaving for a bit :P But all will be well

Sorry for my dissapearance folks, Ill be back soon!
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Ok folk
Im searching for curators, or people who work at Zoo's
I am specifically looking to chat with folks about Spotted Hyena's

Now I am looking to see if anyone knows of a curator I could contact, or if they are working with these animals.

Thanks again folk!

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