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WOOO FC came and went and now I am back.

Twas a blast! Thanks to all!!!

It was awesome to see the whole gang! I miss you guys!
Funny how I have to fly to CALIFORNIA! to see Vermy and brav ;)

Major props to CloudPouncer! thanks so much pal, I really appretiate the chat while I was flipping out before the flight back.

Eunos and Pyro... you guys rock my world! thanks for the coffee and sweet bread!!! COFFEE!!!!!!!!

AWESOME to meet Likeshine, Westly and Crocuta (for the second time :P), N2kenai! (awesome suit), jil0r, to hang with starfinderx!, spunky, Brian Reynolds(hope tracy is feeling better), TK Wolf!!!! awesome to meet you, midnight fox (dude you rock! time heals all :)), Redstorm its a pleasure and honor to have met you, roma loved seeing ya "oooh jesss! you iz so hawt!", skooter woo you rocked!, malin thanks so much! Overzen!, pup and acid, jamie, brigsswolf, great to meet Illyander! and congrats to him and Ion Otter!!!!, Roz Gibson Ive admired her art and work with Jack. AWESOME to meet her!!!! calgor, max_nhowl, scamps, uck, furriousfox and many many more which at this time I cant remember sorry folks, dont take it personally Im just dead :P But if ya wish to say hi please drop a reply :)

These are mosly the folks I met for the first time, all the others I know, wow guys it was great to see you'all Ive missed you and wish I could hang out with you guys even more.

Karwood and Brophey thanks SO MUCH for the lunch, it was an honor and defenetly we should look into hooking up with more time :) Hopefully Kar's cel will be happier next time ¬.¬

Tabloids will be updated as soon as my sources come in :)

Hugs to y'all
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